Kutch Rann Utsav

“ Experience Kutchi, Gujarati Style Utsav Under White Rann “
Rann Utsav is an awesome festival of Kutch, Gujarat, India. It is a Carnival of Music, Dance, nature beauty of White Rann and much more then that when visit under the full Moon. Kutch Rann Utsav is the shimmering landscape that gives the enchanting moments of this Fest, which feels like as Heaven On Earth during Festival Time. In fact, it’s a Family holiday destination to explore fun moments and store in cameras for life time. Rann utsav official dates announced, it will be from 1st November to 20th February.

There are plenty of things to do during ran festival stay including participation in Golf Cart, ATV Ride, Camel Cart Excursion, Paramotoring, Meditaiton, Yoga and Enjoying Gujarati Culture.

Kutch, located in the State of Gujarat,is blessed with one of the most ecologically and culturally abundant landforms. The brimming profusion of nature’s beauty, culture and tradition, superfluity of colors and celebration, cornucopia of joy and beauty, all together reflect the magnificence of the kaleidoscopic Kutch. Particularly, the spectacular sight of boundless white desert under the moonlightpresents the stunning creation of nature, unique to this world.
The distinctive folk dances and music, intricate arts and crafts, gracious people and nature along with the affluent handicraft culture of the district like folk textiles, exquisite embroidery, Bandhani sarees, traditional ornaments and mirror work are some of the specialties of Kutch, Gujarat, India.

At a glance
A plethora of varied hues, profusion of design, superfluity of culture, cornucopia of music and dance, all together in the arid lands of Kutch creates a mosaic of exquisiteness which reflects the identity and spirit of the region. Kutch, one of the most ecologically and ethnically diverse district of the state is a celebratory land of art, crafts, music, dance, people and nature. During the full moon night of the winters amid the awe-inspiring and contrasting landscape each year a three day festive extravaganza brimming with hospitality, vigor and traditional flavor of the area is hosted and known as the Kutch or Rannutsav.

This three to four day carnival organized at the various locales within Kutch takes one around the natural grandiose while introducing the visitor to the indigenous cultural and ethnical flavor of the people. Semi parched Grasslands of the Banni hosts the most magnificent display of vernacular architecture as the exhibition platform for the varied range of arts and crafts of the region. While an array of folk music and dance performances organized in the shimmering moonlit landscape provides the most enchanting experience. The colorful fairs held near the beach or the banks of a lake swings one with the spirit of festivity, fervor and flamboyancy while the organized tour around Kutch is an ideal occasion to be part of the region and experience the zeal and uniqueness of the people through a celebration of life!

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Full moon night in the month of December

The celebratory festival begins in the Bhuj city and goes around the district with a grand finale again being held at the preliminary destination.

Interesting facts
Kutch or Rannutsav, a unique manifestation of varied cultural ethos of the region is known for the ethnic flavor and celebrative zest. This festival provides an exclusive opportunity to witness the creative ingenuity of the artisans and craftspeople, assorted array of folk music and performances, mixed representation of culture and communities, along with a vast diversity in ecology. All this and much more describe and define Kutch and the people.

The tourism authorities of Gujarat organize events in Kutch to showcase the rich culture of this district, one of the largest in India. This Utsav under the tutelage of Vibrant Gujarat has been a unique opportunity for people around the world to visit Kutch and experience the true flavor of the region.

Nearby destinations
Bhuj, Mandvi, Dholavira, Narayan Sarovar, Lakhpat

Who Comes
The festival is visited and enjoyed by more than 8000 tourists from all over the world. This is one time when natives of the region and travelers along with Government administrative officers all together come along to celebrate the mystical magic of Kutch and its diversity.

Dhordo is a small Village/hamlet in Bhuj Taluka in Kutch District of Gujarat State, India. It falls under Gorewali Panchayath. It is located 1 KM towards North from District head quarters Bhuj. 356 KM from State capital Gandhinagar. Every year in the winter months, a Tent City is created neat Dhordo village called Rann Utsav.There used to be a village called ‘Dhordo’ where local villagers were struggling to find enough work to sustain their lives and what can you expect in the area which is either drawn under water during monsoon and rest of the time its covered under white salt! No scope for any agriculture or animal husbandry, but the same eco-system not conducive for any other activity boosted tourism like anything.

Gujarat Tourism is one of the aggressive tourism promotion body, trying to promote inbound tourist flow to Gujarat, and thanks to then CM Sri. Narendra Modi’s vision, once the most dull and deserted place called Dhordo White Rann has been transformed into one of the most happening tourist destination of Gujarat. Idea of having tourist in this part of world looks very ambitious and difficult to believer in the first place but we must appreciate the vision and execution of Gujarat Government to turn this around in truly global and vibrant fashion. This annual affair has become the main driver for tourism in Gujarat and proved to be a model for many more such events across Gujarat and other parts of India.

Dhordo is surrounded by Anjar Taluka towards East , Nakhatrana Taluka towards west , Adipur Taluka towards East , Mundra Taluka towards South .

Bhuj , Adipur , Mandvi , Gandhidham are the nearby Cities to Dhordo.

The Great Rann of Kutch is a vast chunk of salt marshes located in the region called Kutch, in the state of Gujarat, India. It has got two major commercial ports Kandala and Mundra, and there are two distinct desserts called Rann of Kutch and Little Rann of Kutch. The name Kutch is derived from the geogrphical shape of the land mass which is like a turtle and it is called Kachua in local language and hence the name Kutch. The Rann of Kutch is located near one of the great desserts called Thar Desert in the state of Gujarat of India with some part in Pakistani’s province called Sindh. The Great Rann of Kutch is the only big swamped dense grasslands zone in the entire Indo-Malayan ecozone region. The unique location of Kutch having sea on one side and dessert on other provides amazing collection of botony, including mangroves and wasteland vegetation at its max. The plains and desert of the Rann of Kutch are pillar to sustain the wildlife that have survived to the often harsh surroundings of this enormous landmass. Every year tourists from all over the globe visits Kutch to participate in the Great festival called Rann Utsav which is held in winter months.

Kutch rightly means a place which occasionally soaked and dry; a vast part of this region is recognized as Rann of Kutch which is a shallow wetland which submerges in water during the rainy period and becomes dry during rest of the year. The great Kutch Rann is renowned for its marshy salt lands which gets converted into snow white land after the shallow water dries up in the heat before the monsoon rains. In winter season, every year the Rann Utsav or White Rann festival is organized ca lled as Kutch rann utsav which goes on for approximately 3 to 4 months from November to February. This rann utsav is held at kutch is having enormous cultural events, folk dance and many programs which attracts tourist to stay at Kutch, Gujarat, India. there are many rann utsav tour operators who organize tents and accommodation to stay under white rann and even the Government of Guajarat has come up with Home Stay policy which will give 2000 rooms near Dhordo Village.

Bhuj -also well-known as the Jaisalmer of Gujarat, Bhuj is the most important city in the, Kutch district of Gujarat. The Great Rann of Kutch : Kutch Desert is distributed into the Little Rann of Kutch which is 4,950 sq km and the Great Rann of Kutch which is a 7,850 sq km desert where every year rann festival is being organized every year by the Government of Gujarat. Dholavira : One of the five Key Harappan sites are in the Indian sub-continent, and Dholavira (of old civilisation) is situtaed in the Khadir Bet Island in Kutch district of Gujarat. Kutch Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary : Its Home to the endangered Great Indian Bustard, it is the negligible sanctuary in the country spread over presently just two sq km. situated near Nalia, Kutch. Kutch Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary : Located in the Little Rann of Kutch, Rann utsav 2016-2017 in Gujarat, the Wild Ass Sanctuary is the only place on soil where you see wild life in wild Marine National Park : sanctified with a immense variety of habitats, coral reefs and mangroves, the Marine National Park (MNP) has the distinction of being the first and only marine park in Western India, Mandvi Beach : Mandvi is a beautiful beach located 60 km southwest of Bhuj, Near Kutch, Gujarat. Narayan Sarovar : Narayan Sarovar precisely means the Lake of Lord Narayan, a name for Vishnu. This lake located near Rann utsav tent city, Kutch, Gujarat Bhadreshwar Jain Temple : Kutch is a home to a number of Jain temples. The Bhadreshwar temple, one of the most antique temples located in Bhadrawati. Kandla Port : Kandla Port, a nationwide port, is one of the eleven most important ports of India located at Kutch, Gujarat. Anjar : Anjar is a small town in Kutch known largely for its significant trade. Gandhidham : It is recognized as the monetary capital of the region, Gandhidham became inhabited during the severance and displacement of the people of India from Sindh of Pakistan. Vijay Vilas Palace : One of the best places clsoe to rann utsav 2016-2017, under white rann desert where Bollywood movies are shot regularly. Aina Mahal : You afford to miss visiting Aina Mahal (Hall of Mirrors) in Maharao Lakhpatji’s old palace located at Kutch, Gujarat, India.

Stay in Rann Utsav where one get change to live in the Tents under the full white moon nights.Tourist can stay near white Rann of Kutch with the option of Standard and Luxury Tents accommodation. Every year during winter for three month as a part of Gujarat Tourism and Kutch Tourism a Govt. of Gujarat decided to set up a Tent City Near white Rann. During Kutch Festival thousands of people gathers to witness Rann of Kutch festival or Kutch Rann utsav to see Kutch attractions or sightseeing places of Kutch. Rann Utsav means a happening Tent city with more than 300+ Tents along with attached washrooms, western commodes, AC and Heaters, luxury beds, and fully functional dinning area, meditation room, club, spa, out door activity zone, kids zone and host of other state of the art facilities that would make you wonder whether you are at Tent city or metropolis? But this does not mean that along with these amenities you will loose the feel of Rann well it stays with you all the time and the USP of Rann Utsav is to blend the raw feel of Kutch dessert with the best amenities to make your stay memorable.

Kutch is a home to a diversity of handicrafts and you absolutely should put down your hands on some of the most premium works of the art when you visit Rann Utsav 2016-17. Embroidered fabrics, batik and bela prints, wood carving, silver jewelry, camel wool shawls are a few of the things you can take in in your shopping list while visit Kutch rann utsav, Gujarat. You can shop at Bhuj or in villages such as Ludiya and Hodko in the middle of others that are well-known for their handicrafts.

Kutchi delicacies are very different from the typical Gujarati cuisine, which cuisine include jowar and bajra rotla, garlic chutney, osaman chutti khichdi and buttermilk.Lot of water, buttermilk, Chaas, Lassi and host of local delicacies.